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Pandemic Protocol Homeopathic Bundle


$190.00 $130.00

Boost immunity and minimize risk from COVID-19!

Pandemic Protocol boosts immunity and minimizes risk against COVID-19. This 5-product bundle includes homeopathic and clinical-strength remedies that significantly boosts the immune system and stimulates the bodies antibody production.

5 Simple Secrets to End Negativity for Good


$200.00 $79.00

Get unlimited webinar access, workbook and a private session!

The 5 Simple Secrets to End Negativity for Good webinar package includes unlimited video access, a comprehensive workbook, and a private one-on-one session with me, Donna Lee! Your private 1-on-1 session  gives you the opportunity to discuss any questions about the exercises, your personal barriers to peace and bring more clarity and direction to the biggest challenges in your life.