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Pandemic Protocol Homeopathic Bundle



Boost immunity and minimize risk from COVID-19!

Pandemic Protocol boosts immunity and minimizes risk against COVID-19. This 5-product bundle includes homeopathic and clinical-strength remedies that significantly boosts the immune system and stimulates the bodies antibody production.

5 Simple Secrets to End Negativity for Good



Get unlimited webinar access, workbook and a private session!

The 5 Simple Secrets to End Negativity for Good webinar package includes unlimited video access, a comprehensive workbook, and a private one-on-one session with me, Donna Lee! Your private 1-on-1 session  gives you the opportunity to discuss any questions about the exercises, your personal barriers to peace and bring more clarity and direction to the biggest challenges in your life.

Hunger Scale

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The hunger scale is one of the most powerful and simplest tools to use for mindful eating. The best part about it is that it uses the power of your own mental awareness to keep the pounds off for good. No more diets, no more restrictions, and no more guilt! The hunger scale is a real game-changer for a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle.