Daring women, dare to dive into what may be blocking your inner peace in this life changing workshop.

Daring Women and Peace

Saturday June 15th

 in Glenwood Springs Location TBD

It’s not by looking outside yourself for the answers. It’s by diving in… “When you remove the blocks to the truth of who you really are, clarity and direction literally open before you. Life becomes calm, centered and happy effortlessly!” Embrace your authenticity, discover your higher self. In this fun interactive presentation you will uncover unconscious negative thoughts that may be controlling you, identify and process old emotions that may be weighing you down and take steps to rebalance your life. Expand and deepen the peace and potential that’s within you, and leave with tools to improve your quality of life. Bring notebook, pen, water and wear comfortable clothing. As an added bonus, there’s a special segment on life balance, foods that fuel, intuitive eating and the marvels of bio energetic testing, plus a private session with Donna Lee.