“Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it’s a sense of harmony.

It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work.”

Joshua Osenga

Definition – Balance –  a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions, an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

I have been under the delusion that the various aspects of my life are just suppose to stay in balance. I don’t know who taught me this, but I have found the opposite is truer – life is a series of rebalancing one aspect after another. My car requires maintenance, my relationships require maintenance so why would life balance be any different. The good news is maintaining life balance is a simple practice. We can actually become more versed at detecting imbalance and come back to center more easily and without skipping too many beats.

In our lives the elements of imbalance may look like – career, finances, fresh air and exercise, sleep, relationships, mindset, food and water, cooking, maintaining a home, spirituality, community, learning, leisure, etc. The list can seem endless.

Life Balance is a journey not a destination –

Perfect balance is rare and doesn’t last long. The body does it’s best to compensate for this imbalance by turning to food or other indulgences. And so…Life Imbalance usually shows up in avoidance habits or as Pema Chodron puts it; habitual escapism. When an area of your life is out of balance, such as movement, mindset, relationships, fresh air, etc., overwhelm causes you to avoid the madness and looks a lot like procrastination and even depression which play out in unhealthy habits such as; overeating/drinking, internet surfing, retail therapy, getting lost in social media or isolating on a regular basis. Like gasoline on a flame, this causes more imbalance and keeps us from embracing a full, passionate and joyful lifestyle. No wonder that we are completely overwhelmed. Furthermore, it’s practically impossible to be creative, reach your goals, or find inner peace when you are feeling the stress of imbalance. It is from our peaceful center that we rediscover our highest selves, reach our potential and live with passion!

Come Back to Center –

The 5 steps that work!

 Let’s determine where you are currently out of balance.  
Fresh Air, Exercise, Food, Water, Sleep, Career, Finances, Mindset, Spirituality or insert your own category.


  1. Consider the list above – the various aspects that make up your life.
  2. List 2 or 3 areas from the list above where you are currently struggling to maintain balance.
  3. Now choose just one area that seems to be at the forefront of your mind.
  4. Brainstorm and jot down 3 things you might do to bring a bit more balance into this one area.
  5. Choose just one action step from your list of 3 and do it regularly over the next 2 weeks.

Be sure your action step is doable and perhaps excites you a little. Beware of the “I should do this” phrase. If your action step is an I should phrase toss it out as the shoulds hinder the process and often we won’t follow through. The last thing we need is another, “I must”, should” or “have to” taking up space in our heads. Right?

Let go of the results and simply commit to that one step. Look at this small step as a two week experiment. Put it on the calendar and reevaluate that area. The balance that you created may surprise you. Almost as soon as I decide to implement my action step I have found my tendencies to numb out dissolve including unconscious eating. Does this seem too simple? Countless clients. myself included have found this simple 5 step formula truly works. 

Yes, balance is not a destination it’s a journey.

You are all the wonder you feel inside and so much more beyond navigating through daily tasks and toiling.

Come back to center and you will take the first step to living the life you were meant to live.

Ignite your passion and dazzle the world while fulfilling your unique purpose.

Donna Lee Humble is a Holistic Health Practitioner focuses on the body-mind, emotions and spiritual approach to life. She specializes in bioenergetic testing and emotional release techniques to address the body as a whole and help achieve optimal health.

Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Wellness Coach and Creator of the Higher Self Care Series.