My biggest challenge when starting with Donna Lee was that I didn’t even really know what was wrong. I knew I was deeply unhappy and facing big changes in my family life. Donna Lee helped me discover the emotions and feelings that were dragging me down and then taught me how to stop the cycle.

I was lucky enough to start with Donna Lee years ago with in person appointments. Since then I have participated in long distance sessions with her and can say that other than missing her beautiful face her teachings were just as powerful over the phone as in person. 

I feel better equipped to acknowledge those feelings that most of us hide from. I can relax into allowing them, honoring them, and releasing them. I now know the difference between feeling safe and loved vs being safe and loved. 

My biggest “aha” moment was that I have zero control. It seems like something we all should know but I used to try and think and plan everything, but emotions are uncontrollable. You just have to feel them, release what you can, rinse, and repeat. Until one day that thing that felt so terrible or wonderful is just a memory, and you can choose how you view that memory.

I’m now secure in the fact that I can handle what comes my way. I’m more relaxed and chill. I’m able to stop trying to “fix” everything or “figure it out”. When I start feeling emotional I find a peaceful spot and let the emotions flow through me and I know that at the end I will find peace. 

One of my favorite educational pieces was the passion test. It made me really think about what is important to me. What makes my heart sing, when you find that and you can live in it, the rest just falls into place.

I think anyone who is in emotional turmoil or in the midst of big changes could benefit from Donna Lee’s wellness program. Anyone who feels overwhelmed, or underwhelmed with life. Really everyone would because it takes practice every day to remain in the present and feel your feelings.

When you decide to take that leap, be ready to be absolutely honest and real with yourself. If you want the most out of the program you have to show up 110%. Let go of excuses, leave the word “but” at the door and be ready to get real.

For me the value of this program was the peace and calm that come with living in the present, allowing the past to stay there, and to stop future tripping. I was able to heal the wounds of the past and learn how to keep healing and growing, and also to stop living for the future.