There were specific things that brought me to Donna Lee in the 1st place, in her tagline with her Logo, she touts ‘Better Health’ and she uses a ‘Holistic Approach’. Both are especially important to me.  As we met, she told me about the Higher Self Care Program and called it by name.  It was a long name but the words that I really heard were:

1) Empowerment 

2) Higher Self Care 

3) Holistic Wellness, and it was a transformational 6-month program.

This was music to my ears as I wanted each of these qualities to be an aspect of my inner being.  Even the 6-month program, as I wanted lasting, long-term results.

I have been a caregiver for an aging parent for the past 13 years.  Because my father had been extremely strict, and my desire was to please him, I learned to be the ”perfect child, and now, the perfect adult.”  This in turn has “sucked the life out of me.” When I met Donna Lee, I was lost with no direction, no passion, no happiness nor any joy. I worked through a never-ending checklist every day. I was living a mere existence. My health was good but soon to start to deteriorate as I was carrying about 12 uninvited pounds. I was in desperate need of help, and not just any help. 

I would love to show you the 20-25 partially read books in my bookcase, I was convinced that surely ‘one’ of these books would have my answers, just ‘one’ that would give me the magic to find happiness, joy, passion and direction.  As I progressed through the program, Donna Lee encouraged me to continue to look inside of myself for my answers. ‘Aha’, now I get it! The most profound ‘Aha moment’ of the program for me was that all my answers are, and always have been within me.  Donna Lee has taught me to slow down and listen for all my answers, and they always appear to me. 

Life has changed 100% for me since I started and completed the Empowered Diva Higher Self Care Program, and especially working with Donna Lee.  I had a long way to go, but I can honestly say that my transformation has brought me balance in every aspect of my life. The beauty of it is when I get out of balance, I now have the tools to get me back on-track in short order. I wake up with joy in my heart every morning and I am happy all day, every day.  

Donna Lee is a fabulous coach, and she bases her program on excellent coaching and super support, which is exactly how she works.  She coached by asking different questions that helped me dig deeper to find my own answers. I would never have been able to get to my answers without her questions and her support all the way through it. 

The Bioenergetic Testing was amazing. I learned so much about my body, imbalances and needs that my body wanted. I found it incredibly interesting, and each remedy seemed to do its work because I felt better each time I completed my remedies. It is a phenomenal groundbreaking system that is available in alternative healthcare.    

I am endorsing this program to everyone that is trying to figure life out. We all think we can do this ourselves; I know that because aren’t we all self-sufficient divas that feel like we have to do everything ourselves?  I say why make it so hard on yourself and your life?  True strength is being able to let go of that “self-sufficient pretense” and ask for help. 

If you decide to move forward with this program, it is in your best interest to give it your all.  As with all things, what you get out of it will be in direct proportion to what you put into it.  This program not only changed my life, it gave me a second chance at life.  I was an empty shell before I started this program.  Now I am full of life and the doors keep opening for me, thanks to Donna Lee and her BioSynergy Better Health programs.