Before working with Donna Lee and the Higher Self Care program, I struggled with bringing my body back to 

balance after a diagnosis of acute leukemia a few years prior. I knew my body was toxic from all the pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals pumped into my body to cure me. Though I had explored affirmations, naturopathic remedies, and other alternative routes which helped me to feel better the effects were only temporary.

The Higher Self Care Holistic Wellness Program  gave me the tools I was missing in my tool box. Through identifying and
releasing trapped emotions, I was able to reconnect with my intuition and find peace within myself. As I progressed through my journey, I  discovered to my delight that meditation, movement, and yoga bring me back to center every time.
The bioenergetic testing identified some amazing botanicals and homeopathic remedies my body asked for
to finally eliminate old toxins, viruses, parasites, candida, and chemicals at a cellular level. My body is
healthier and I feel more energetic.
I also realized that when I have thoughts that do not serve me it creates tension in my body which can eventually take its toll on my health. I discovered thoughts can be changed by utilizing the tools provided in this program. This was another gem to ensure my better health and overall wellness.
My biggest ‘aha moment’ was applying the compassionate communication formula when faced with a crucial conversation or
crafting an effective message when the stakes are high. This has helped me tremendously in my
Human Resources profession, namely by helping to fortify healthy relationships at work. Even communication with my husband has
I highly recommend private coaching with Donna Lee through the Higher Self Care Program. Donna Lee has a
gentle way of guiding you to find the answers within yourself. It has been life changing!”


Amber Delgman
Human Resources
Chesterfield, Missouri