My Shame Filled Secret

The eldest of 5 children. .. we lived in poverty. My father couldn’t keep a job and when he did have money, he tended to blow it. My mother didn’t work outside of the home or have a driver’s license. She was still living the story of the Depression that her mother instilled into her.

I grew up believing just having food and shelter was a financial struggle. I remember  when I was 10, we had all of our possessions taken away. I watched as my father purchased more and more items on credit and then wasn’t able to pay for them.  


  • How you, too, can change poverty mindset to plenty mindset.
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The stage was being set for my money mindset. While I didn’t realize it at the time, I know I was confused at the different approaches my mother and father each had to money.
I didn’t know what a healthy relationship with money meant. 

On one handmy mother would scrimp and save every penny.
She would even take empty ketchup bottles and fill them with water to make tomato soup.

On the other hand, my father would go to the other extreme of spending money that he didn’t have. Both were young parents burdened with providing for a family of seven.

As I watched the paradox of my mother and father and how they related to money, the message that I took in as a young child was this:

There is never enough.

Interestingly,  it wasn’t working directly on my Finances element or money mindset that made the biggest shift for me. As a matter of fact, I had already tried to work on my finances many times on my own. I read self help books and used positive affirmations, but these solutions left me with little improvement and I became resistant to working on my finances.  In fact, I felt stuck and didn’t see a way to make a change. So I decided to focus on other areas in my life, not knowing that I would impact my financial health indirectly. 


I got unstuck in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. 


I finally took a look at things that were keeping me up at night but I had tried to push under the rug and ignore.
Bringing these things to the surface wasn’t easy, but I began to learn more about myself.   I was encouraged to take small action steps in each area and the results were remarkable. Step by step, I started to shift and make real and lasting changes. 

Somehow, I automatically shifted my money mindset without doing any direct work on the element of Finances itself. 
This was a gradual process but one I now look back at with
profound amazement. 

In my approach to holistic wellness we uncover the interconnection between all elements of your life and how they impact one another.
I got to experience this first hand as I saw how making changes in one area of my life led to even more changes with my finances and my relationship to money.  This brought more balance into my life which created more security and more freedom.

When I gained more clarity on my purpose, created a better relationship with myself and found a freedom around food that I’d only dreamed of before, something else shifted internally. I felt different inside.

I felt more worthy – worthy of myself, of the work I do and how
I want to serve in this world.


All of this led me to feeling worthy.  I was really able to look at my old beliefs around money and reframe them.  As I began honoring myself, I felt more confident and I witnessed my old beliefs dissolve.


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