Just like you, I believe in being proactive when it comes to my health, particularly the proper functioning of my heart. That’s why you’ll understand why I was wondering….

What the L is wrong with my HDL, LDL and all the other L’s.  Have you ever walked away from your blood test results totally confused or worse feeling absolutely powerless? I was shocked that my blood test was worse than my husband’s. I love him dearly, but his diet could use some tweaking. The real head scratcher was my cholesterol levels hadn’t changed much since my first test results that I had in my twenties. In that time I’d completely given up alcohol and certain high cholesterol foods.

My mother, despite many medications, died of heart disease when she was only 38. This is a big reason why I was so motivated to learn all I could about natural solutions. I credit the loss of my mother at such a young age for why I chose a career in holistic health.

The author of The Great Cholesterol Myth opened my eyes and gave me real solutions that don’t involve pharmaceuticals.

Mystery solved; I found through a simple formula in this book that I would be considered something they call insulin resistant. This means I have an even lower tolerance for the real culprit to heart disease – sugar.

Why read this book – The writing is light and real despite the heavy subject matter.  Learn about the four true causes of heart disease and why cholesterol isn’t the real issue.  Furthermore, you’ll discover the true dietary culprit to heart health and exactly how it damages our systems. The author goes into detail revealing what to eat and what to dump. He includes specific helpful supplements as well.

The only addition – I would add to his suggestions is moderate portions of whole slow cooking grains such as steel cut oats, brown rice, barley, millet, etc. My reasoning would be that these whole (not quick cooking) grains actually release their natural sugar slowly in the system and go a long way toward lasting energy and balancing your blood sugar. Everyone is different but I found myself snacking less and focusing better when I added an unrefined grain to my meals.

What amazes me is that this was written by a doctor with all the research and documentation to support his facts.  Dr. Bowden even includes how to get your own M.D. on board.

Discover the scary side of statin drugs.  How emotional stress is very real when it comes to your heart health and tips to relax. Included is a glossary for terms we hear frequently but may confuse you.  Peppered with plenty of humor and success stories,  this is a very enjoyable read spackled with the medical science.  


In this book discover;

  • What the real causes of heart disease are.
  • If you, too, have insulin resistance.
  • How to defy your family health history of heart disease.
  • What You can do today to change the writing on the wall.

In closing:

I have yet to meet a holistic health minded person unwilling to do what it takes to be as healthy as they can be naturally. The willingness is there you say, but the discipline is lacking? What if I told you a few lifestyle changes  could very well be your magic wand.  And whose hand is that wand in?  YOURS.  Get support through wellness coaching so you can make these changes effortless and life long.