A Lack of Spiritual Nourishment

If you’re lonely, bored, nervous, grieving, hate your job, haven’t healed your emotional wounds, have a spiritual void, or uninspired by your exercise routine, you may eat simply as a psychological attempt to fill the void in your life. No amount of ice cream will ever soothe the sting of your parents’ harsh words. But journaling or counseling will! If this is why you experience cravings, take a long, hard look at your life and make the appropriate changes to fulfill your soul. Happiness does not come from food—it comes from within.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Discover your power and a very unique approach that works to divert emotional cravings.

The power of decision allows us to be in the present moment. 

I noticed as I was leaving work at the end of a very busy week that I began craving ice cream. I took a moment to examine the craving. What was I hoping this ice cream would provide for me since I had had an adequate lunch just a few hours before? This indicated to me that this was an emotional craving. As I pondered, the words “freedom”, “fun”, “playful”, and “wildly letting go” came up. Then I thought, “What activities help me feel wild, fun, and free?” Thoughts like running fast like a child, swinging on the swings, dancing to rock-n-roll, taking a nature walk, and more activities ran through my head. When I arrived home I literally ran up to the wilderness near my home, swung on the swings on the way back, and cranked the music when I got back home. Interestingly, the craving was gone. I was almost disappointed until it occurred to me that I really do have the power of decision and all it takes is a little awareness to interrupt the old patterns. The benefits are less guilt, less excess weight, and less sluggishness. Imagine that!

This practice will literally retrain your brain from old habits, with the side effect being a more delightful life, more vitality, and natural weight loss. Remember, there is nothing unhealthy about mindfully enjoying a bliss food 10 percent of the time. The key is to be mindful, and forego the usual guilt trip.

Reduce sugar cravings

Isn’t millet a type of birdseed? Yes, birdseed can help eliminate sugar cravings. It’s called millet and it is a staple food in Africa. Millet originated in the African savannah and has been grown since prehistoric times. It was introduced to the United States in the late 19th century.

Adding Millet to Your Diet

I cook it as I do whole rice. My rice cooker works well. I add it as a side to salads and  main meals. Try adding it to tuna salad. My husband and I enjoy eating it for breakfast similar to oatmeal.  Add your favorite berries and nuts.

High in fiber millet contains protein and B vitamins. Consuming whole grains such as millet on a regular basis may help with losing weight and reduce sugar cravings. Because of its high fiber content, millet aids in weight loss as you will more than likely eat less. It is also a low glycemic grain, which helps stop sugar cravings. Whole millet is a naturally gluten-free source and a fantastic alternative to rice and wheat. I’ve been known to add millet to the menu just after a sugary holiday. 


A Powerful Practice

Do this at least once over the next two weeks and jot down your findings. I have proven this works. After practicing for several weeks, I experience far less emotional cravings and when I do I almost automatically fulfill the need with fun, rest or whatever it is that I’m needing to nurture my emotions automatically. 

1. Next time you experience an emotional craving, check inside yourself. Identify what you are feeling.

2. Ask yourself, “What do I want this food to give me?” (joy, rest, pampering, excitement, wild abandon, comfort, company, relaxation, etc.). Get specific.

3. What can you do that helps you feel joyful, rested, pampered, etc.?

4. Do it now or the next time you experience an emotional craving! 


Follow the above suggestions to combat against emotional cravings. You will be sick less and less, lose weight naturally, have more energy no matter your age and become less frazzled and more joy-filled .