You cannot live on this world without water. No two cells can divide without being in water. We spend the first nine months of our lives in our mothers’ womb – inside the ocean – the womb being a reconstruction of the ocean where all life has to take place. If life starts with water, how can we forget to consume it every day?

Do you drink water?

This is the very first question I ask during an intake session. The truth is, I drank very little pure water for years and my health, moods, and skin suffered. Mindset, muscle and skin elasticity, even moods are impacted by dehydration. Did you know that ADHD/ADD are linked to chronic dehydration? Without enough water everyday our health and quality of life deteriorates.

“Even inside plants you cannot have cell division without water.
If that water link were to break, allowing cells to rupture and dry out, life would end.
You and I are here because we both represent an unbroken link of divided cells in water at all times for the past three billion years.” – excerpt Watermark Documentary

Cellular hydration

It’s true – our cells cannot regenerate without proper hydration. Chronic dehydration is a major contributor to disease and every day discomfort, from heartburn to cancer. Remember to add water ounce per ounce for every coffee, tea, soda or alcoholic beverage you imbibe. I have found wonderful tricks of the trade.

Could you be dehydrated even though you are consuming enough water? Toxicity can literally block the absorption of water. Ask me if you match for Hydrate I or Hydrate II, which helps you absorb water into your cells. 

Flavor your water

Looking to mix up your water intake with a hot drink? Put a splash of lemon or unsweetened cranberry juice and enjoy as if it was coffee or tea. Can’t seem to get that 64 ounces in each day? Use a straw or drink a 16 ounce glass 20 minutes before you eat each  meal.

This also aids in weight loss as you will more than likely eat less. Follow the above suggestions to combat against chronic dehydration. You will be sick less and less, sleep better, lose weight naturally, improve memory, have more energy no matter your age and become more joy-filled, centered and peaceful.

Jazzy Water Recipe

This jazzy water recipe has a bit of a kick and mimics an alcoholic beverage with a good-for-you hydrating punch.

  1. Juice equal parts of lemon and ginger. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze.
  2. When frozen, drop several cubes into a glass of pure water for a refreshing, bubbly, and hydrating summer drink.
  3. Add a lemon slice and a sprig of mint for a sophisticated, fun drink.