Donne Lee’s coaching was useful and helpful to enable me to work through a lifetime of stuck emotions including grief related to a recent loss in my life. 

My level of anxiety and fear have decreased. I am starting to take better care of myself. My level of depression is not so low. My digestion has improved and the holistic remedies exacted by the bioenergetic testing have improved my physical health.

I am finally beginning to love and accept myself for who I am now. Towards the end of program, I decided to look into going back to school for an environmental management degree.

I am now experiencing life with more ease and happiness.  I’m doing more positive self talk. Additionally, I am getting more exercise weekly.  I am feeling more genuine love for myself which affects my confidence and feelings of worth and hope.  

It’s been rewarding to discover new empowering ways to boost my own health. Realizing that it all starts with a simple act of  becoming more connected in the moment.  

Donna Lee’s Program would benefit those who wish to improve their life from within and who may be open to spiritual healing and general spiritual concepts.  If someone is dealing with health issues, this program is perfect for someone who is open to alternative ways to health besides taking prescriptions.    

If you are considering this program you’ll get the most out of it if you are willing to be open and willing to commit to doing the work. You will certainly see benefits.  The benefits are customized for each and can be different for everyone.

I would definitely recommend Donna Lee’s highly valued program to other people.  The changes can be beneficial in a positive way.  


Brenna O. 

Claim Specialist

Glenwood Springs, Colorado