How did you experience Donna Lee’s core coaching support?  

Donna Lee is AWESOME! She is very knowledgeable in her field and is very kind and patient and helpful in walking me through the process in layman’s terms.


What has changed for you now that you’ve completed this program?

I am much more AWARE in the way I treat my body and the way I talk to myself. I am more able to stop this vicious cycle and just allow feelings to process.  


What was your biggest “aha” moment? 

I am not the thoughts that run through my head or the feelings I experience. I do not have control over my thoughts all the time, however, I do have control over the way I react to them and eventually process them.


How are you experiencing life now?

With a bit more gentleness toward myself. I can forgive myself and when I do not act in my own best interest I can always begin again!


What educational piece was most rewarding for you?

Really getting through the feelings and realizing they are not going to last. Just sit with them and allow something else to arise anew.


What type of person do you feel would gain the most from this program?

I think anyone who is aware enough to know that there is more to life than the hampster wheel and wants to experience all of life. Those who question why we have to have some bad experiences and feelings.  Those who really want to find a way to cope and move into them, feel them and let go of them fully!


What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling?   

Keep an open mind!


I am still a work in progress but I will carry all I have learned with me!!


Kati Dirker

Yoga Teacher and Manager