Before enrolling in the Higher Self Care Program I was struggling with my weight, my career-that I wanted to change, getting organized and focused.  My relationships were not healthy and I was having feelings of depression because I could not get things balanced in my life and felt like I was moving in circles.

My life has improved in many areas.  I now feel much happier and my health has greatly improved.  I have much more energy by eating right and taking care of myself.   I discovered that when I take care of myself I am more focused and have way more balance in all areas of my life including, relationships, career, spirituality, finances, mindset and life-speed. 


My biggest breakthrough was …By taking care of myself first, my days seemed to flow better and my relationships greatly improved (especially with my husband)!  Also it was an amazing breakthrough for me to realize how all my life experiences tied together could blossom into a new career for myself. 

Also I want to thank you, Donna Lee, for all the coaching you have done with me over the past 2 years  through the advanced coaching opportunities available for graduates. The practice of meditation has been the most healing method that you taught me! It has helped me arrive at this point in my life where  I am now clear on what I want in my life, including career!   

Now I feel great and super excited to move forward into a new career of helping others discover what I learned about taking care of myself.

All the questions Donna Lee asked were very helpful in coming to my own unique solutions.  She offered education and insight but did not give me answers so I had to really search inside myself for the answers.  I feel much of this happened through this program by finally developing a habit of daily meditation and the emotional release sessions I had with her.


I think anyone would benefit from this program, it is a life style of balance which creates happiness and great health!

Pat Wanner

Aspiring Health Coach