“I was struggling with a lack of confidence in doing almost anything. This lack of confidence had been keeping me stuck for years. My biggest challenge was trying to raise my son feeling the way that I was.
My life has improved overall as I, now, have hope, happiness, and confidence that I couldn’t access before.
The biggest change that occurred for me is that I am better able to deal with my emotions in a productive and quick manner.
The breakthroughs that I had were numerous.  I especially recall
learning and implementing the art of “compassionate communication” and how effective it is at keeping my relationships moving forward.
However, my biggest “aha” moment was realizing how important it is for me to take time to rest and relax when I feel that I need it.  Taking care of myself is okay and not selfish.
Donna Lee’s gentle accountability was very helpful for me.  In the past it was a challenge to find time for myself and our phone meetings forced me to begin to take that time for myself.
Donna Lee has a heart for helping people. Her passion for supporting women as they heal themselves makes the process easier, and her techniques and guidance ensure long lasting success!
The many benefits of the Empowered Diva Coaching Program helped me to become truly happy and hopeful.
I would recommend this program to my dearest friends in need of direction, inner clarity and tools for making any and all aspects of life easier.”