As a professional woman, I am challenged with acknowledging that all of my emotions are vital in my life. I spent a lot of time “shoulding” on myself. I “should” or “want to” feel, do, have, look like, etc. I also had a lot of “shouldn’t” feel, do, think, have. This played out mostly in my personal life, but also bled over into my career. I dealt with guilt and angst and regret that was hindering me from living in my own authenticity and enjoying others as they lived in theirs.

Over the past six months, Donna Lee has walked alongside me to explore myself, introduce tools and build on other areas of insight and growth that I have been delving into.

I now embrace that all of my feelings are just energy passing through. Donna Lee has helped with the exploration process and letting them go instead of negating, berating and stuffing them! I have new confidence in recognizing, and expressing my feelings and productive ways of addressing behavior in myself and others. I am clearer about who I am and more at ease in my own skin.

This program is very deep and broad. Donna brings years of personal experience and expertise to the table. She truly cares about the people she works with. This program is unique in that Donna Lee combines the emotional, physical and spiritual facets. Understanding that we are a “whole person”, she brings healthy eating ideas into play as well as the bio energetic work (don’t ask me how it works) and potential for “rewiring” mindsets, belief patterns and behaviors that can keep us from our true joy.

I feel that women need to support each other in their unique, beautiful process and Donna’s program paves the road for self-reflection, and growth. There is no perfect recipe for success, everyone needs to find their own way. Donna Lee graciously guides you with a foundation of transparency, care and unique tools that will support you.

If you are ready to do the work, acknowledge what isn’t working and build on what is – this is time, money and energy well spent.

Danielle Howard, CFP®, QKA®

Author, speaker, facilitator, coach