I went to Donna Lee to help with clearing thinking that impacted my life in a negative way including the inability to process emotion. She helped me set goals to restructure my entire life. She worked with me on what was important to me. Now looking back, through her nurturing guidance, we accomplished so much more than I ever realized. As we addressed topics that arose and worked on releasing emotions that were layered and disguised as other emotions, the process almost seemed magical that these sentiments would disappear or have less impact on the way they ruled my life. Surprisingly though it didn’t stop there. I discovered Pandora’s box beneath surfacing emotions.  What I had hidden away and ignored began to come out.  I originally started with the little things. I then, realized that I was my own worst enemy.

It was hard to face. This time though, I had the tools and guidance to work through my pandora’s box. I wasn’t dependent on anyone’s advice to lean on, although it is nice and available if needed.  My success through this program was due to tapping into to my own inner knowing.  I don’t recommend working with Donna Lee if you enjoy staying stuck with what haunts you. She can help to give you the drive to work through difficult emotions to something better. Facing our own demons is difficult but coming out the other side is incredible!