“When I first came to Donna, I was a wreck.  I had spent thousands of dollars, many months time, and a world of emotions trying to figure out what was wrong.  The doctors had me trying every kind of drug and procedure imaginable.  To my dismay, I was not getting better. In fact I was only getting worse. Once I came to bioSynergy, everything started making sense.  First off, I had Lyme’s disease which was causing tremendous stress on my body.  I was loaded with a lifetime of toxins and sickness.  Heavy metals, parasites, bacteria’s, viruses, and pharmaceutical drug poisoning were just a few of the substances trapped in my body causing great physical and mental discomfort.  Through bio-energetic testing, homeopathic remedies and an amazing coach, I was able to slowly and effectively remove most of these harmful energies.  The testing was also able to help add minerals and other trace organic substances to my body which had been deficient for years.  Another great service that Donna offers is, Empowering Emotional Release.   This helped me to feel amazing on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level as I was able to slowly remove a lifetime of, “emotional baggage”.  As an extreme athlete who is constantly  climbing mountains, backpacking long trails, mountain biking, skiing, and living the mountain life, nothing has helped me perform better than putting my energy into the bioSynergy program.  It is definitely something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.”