“Honestly, I was surprised that this lifestyle coaching could work. I was struggling with procrastination. I use to journal how I’d love to wander the country and for years it remained just a dream. It’s pretty scary to recognize where you’re stuck and through the coaching process realized that I was flooded with negative self talk. However, through Donna Lee’s compassionate approach gently bringing me back to my goals, I began to let go of perfectionism. It’s now totally okay to try something – because it’s better than not trying at all. When something arises now that needs my attention, I may feel the resistance but it’s fleeting, and I find it actually exciting to take care of what needs attending in the moment. During our time working together I lost a loved one and found it safe to allow my emotions and just let them flow, rather than holding it in like I use to. All that I learned in Donna Lee’s program keeps expanding exponentially. The old negative self talk no longer sneaks up on me. When a little block appears in my life, I see it as a stepping stone or just another pot hole. I have the confidence now to try new things and travel to my hearts content. Meeting new people is easier and before I know it we’re best friends. Life is simpler.

I would recommend Donna Lee’s Coaching Program to anyone winging it in life and anyone who has to deal with people professionally.”