“Honestly, I was surprised that this lifestyle coaching could work. I was struggling with procrastination. I use to journal how I’d love to wander the country and for years it remained just a dream. It’s pretty scary to recognize where you’re stuck and through the coaching process realized that I was flooded with negative self talk. However, through Donna Lee’s compassionate approach gently bringing me back to my goals, I began to let go of perfectionism. It’s now totally okay to try something – because it’s better than not trying at all. When something arises now that needs my attention, I may feel the resistance but it’s fleeting, and I find it actually exciting to take care of what needs attending in the moment. During our time working together I lost a loved one and found it safe to allow my emotions and just let them flow, rather than holding it in like I use to. All that I learned in Donna Lee’s program keeps expanding exponentially. The old negative self talk no longer sneaks up on me. When a little block appears in my life, I see it as a stepping stone or just another pot hole. I have the confidence now to try new things and travel to my hearts content. Meeting new people is easier and before I know it we’re best friends. Life is simpler.

I would recommend Donna Lee’s Coaching Program to anyone winging it in life and anyone who has to deal with people professionally.”

“I recently took advantage of Donna Lee’s 90 day Stellar Ascent Package for graduates. The results were astounding.

I so enjoyed this second opportunity to work with her. I am really enjoying  the woman that I am becoming. This brand new me is on a brand new adventure or maybe it’s the same adventure down a new road. Filled with surprises, some heartbreak, happiness and frustration.

This second journey has led me to deepening the calm inner peace that I’ve found. It has made my reactions to life so much more honest and compassionate. I am learning to love and honor myself even better. This has been truly freeing.

I am hanging up my superwoman cape and just gonna be me. Whatever that looks like on any given day.

Thanks again, Donna Lee. I look forward to my rediscovering the real me and to future sessions with you as needed.