“My biggest challenge was my relationship with my husband, and in hindsight my relationship with myself…The biggest change for me has come in understanding that I have value innately, just by being me.  I have spent most of my life trying to earn my value by being good enough for everyone else, and putting myself last so that everyone else is comfortable.  I now listen to myself and my desires and engage in behaviors that support my belief in my own value.  I am now establishing healthy boundaries, and respecting them. My biggest aha moment during my coaching program is that my challenges were directly related to the same issue every single time.  I was not valuing myself. Since enrolling in Donna Lee’s coaching program, I feel balanced, whole and happy.  I have a sense of peace about me that I had been searching for for as long as I could remember. Donna Lee is a great listener and she really hears what you are saying.  She also offered incredible insight when appropriate. helping me learn to dismiss the should’s and the shouldn’ts and focus on my intuitive self. I would recommend this program to any one looking to improve the quality of their life and their overall happiness.  …Especially help for someone who is holistically minded and in need of looking inward to find their happy place.”