Have you ever wondered why you continue to do the things you don’t want to do? Seeking comfort in too much of anything can be a hindrance to your health serving to distract us from this present moment. Too much food, too much mind numbing substances, too much T.V., computer games, critical thinking, excessive worry, too much this, too much that. These are just a few examples of distracting from the now. Have you ever noticed how peaceful you naturally become when out in nature? Nature is a reflection of your authentic self. What are we scared of? Why do we turn away from the present moment so consistently?

I have studied this question for many years and have found that allowing and giving myself fully to what is here now is the only way through habitual escapism. The truth is we fear our thoughts and emotions and believe that on some level we are probably deserving of unpleasantness. However, the exact opposite is true. The truth of who we are, our authentic self is found only in the NOW. When we surrender fully to this moment unconditionally it is then that we discover our higher, whole, complete self. In other words we must consciously allow the unpleasant feelings even though we fear they may kill us. I promise you they won’t. As a matter of fact giving yourself fully to that feeling, is your true way out. Even just 90 full seconds and you will see how the emotion dissolves and the truth of who you are emerges. The peace and the beauty are just the tip of the iceberg of the essence of who you are beyond the static of thought and emotion. Remember these lower frequency emotions are just passing through. They are not who you are. You may become aware of a feeling of relief and relaxation, as you practice this form of self care.. Why? Because habitually we are unconsciously doing everything in our power to avoid the natural flow of the nows, especially the nows that carry with them apathy, grief, fear or anger. This gets very heavy and extremely tiring, not to mention unhealthy from all those hours wasting away in front of the T.V. or computer and the extra weight and stress lines on your face from over eating, thinking and worrying. The only way out is through and this is the good news.

  • Your Authentic Self is found only in the Now.
  • Just 90 seconds of conscious attention will dissolve emotion.
  • The truth of who you are is way beyond emotion or thought.
  • This self care practice elicits relief, relaxation and peace.
  • The most effective way out is through.


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Donna Lee Humble is a Holistic Health Practitioner focuses on the body-mind, emotions and spiritual approach to life. She specializes in bioenergetic testing and emotional release techniques to address the body as a whole and help achieve optimal health.

Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Wellness Coach and Creator of the Higher Self Care Series.