Healthy Eating becomes simple when you don’t have to calculate every move you make, count every calorie you eat and follow a rigid plan that eventually you can’t keep up with. Sounds exhausting! What good is healthy eating if you can’t enjoy life? My goal is to help you get rid of the diet mentality for good and learn how to listen to your own body so you can experience tons of energy and ease.As you journey throughout this site, you’ll find tips and tools for living a healthy life. You will also find information about Bio Energetic Testing as well as Emotional Release which are added benefits toward being the healthiest you can be. Keep in mind, you are your best guide to healthy eating. I encourage to you to try out the tips you encounter and see how they fit. Then let me know by posting a comment on my blog or sending me a message. I look forward to connecting with you!

Donna Lee Humble is a Holistic Health Practitioner focuses on the body-mind, emotions and spiritual approach to life. She specializes in bioenergetic testing and emotional release techniques to address the body as a whole and help achieve optimal health.

Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Wellness Coach and Creator of the Higher Self Care Series.