Exhausted Superwoman to Empowered Diva

6 Month Transformational Personal Coaching Program


This is a compassionate, comprehensive, divinely inspired program that delivers the
revolutionary 7 secrets to struggle free living for superwomen, just like you, who suffer from the emotional exhaustion of being in charge of everything to finally put an end to overdoing, overgiving and overthinking and instead live life as the vibrant, joy filled, empowered Diva you were meant to be.

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Dear Sister Superwoman,


I know how much you want to be the very best you can be for yourself, your friends, clients, colleagues, family and ultimately for your life's purpose. You started out with enthusiasm and gusto, to make a difference, to heal the world and more. However, the speed of life has taken you hostage. You've no time to take care of you and feel spent with nothing left to give. The onslaught of life and unforeseen grief has derailed your best intentions.. to the point you're questioning your emotional & physical health.  You simply cannot understand why you feel so tired all the time. You might even be entertaining giving up and running away from it all. 

You want to get off the hamster wheel. Feeling stuck on the treadmill of life drains you to such an extent that it becomes an everyday struggle to bring yourself back to center and vitality. Life seems to pull you away until years have passed and you feel lost, stuck and unhappy.

I was there too.

Your biggest desire is to be your very best so you can extend your best to others; to laugh, and dance in spite of life's untimely curve balls, to find a depth of resilience with even more strength & calm than before. You want to know on a deep level all is well and you are making a difference.

You are yearning deep inside to re-ignite your passion and dazzle the world while fulfilling your unique purpose.

Yes, I, too have been there and wish to offer you another way, a better way.

With compassion,

Donna Lee Humble

IRONICALLY……What brought you here may also scare you!

  • On some level you know that diving deep into your unconscious blocks is the answer but you’re afraid of what you might find in there.
  • Are you willing to do what it takes for a breakthrough?… but hesitate because past self improvement books/programs have yielded disappointing, little or no lasting results.
  • You want to be the best you can be and you can feel it just beneath the surface but there is an underlying fear that you might outgrow your job, your friends or even your marriage.
  • You are amazing at getting things done & caring for loved ones – after all you’re in charge of everything, yet taking care of you first scares you – what will become of all who depend on you?
  • Do you adhere to dieting, rigid eating practices & the scale because you are terrified of letting go of outside means and begin mindful, intuitive eating? – What if you lose control and put on excess weight?
  • You’re alive and excited about life and know it can be even better, however, this seed of excitement is short lived, stifled by a series of “I can’t” – I’m too tired, too busy, too set in my ways, too old, or too sick. Can you even fathom making a change at this point?
  • You are proactive about being healthy in body mind and spirit but all the stress, fatigue and bouts of poor eating have raised some concerns about your physical health.
  • You have always made ends meet, resourceful is your middle name, but to invest in yourself seems selfish and you feel on some level that you are undeserving. Are you?

I know for certain that within you already exists the road map to realize your highest self. The love and light within is quietly waiting to be reawakened.

“My purpose is to support you through the barriers that are keeping you treading water and align you with the flow of loving life again!”

You see, I’ve been there….

I suffered for what seemed like eons with insomnia, low energy, emotional extremes, chronic negative thinking, self doubt, feeling sick with one ailment after another, depression, habitual escapism in the form of stress eating & over spending only to feel worse afterward. Through all this self hate, feeling unimportant & worthless, sacrificing myself for others, including decades of struggling with my body image, overeating and sugar addiction, I have discovered fool proof secrets back to the perfect peace and vitality that is naturally within. And my purpose, now, is to share these secrets with superwomen, just like you, worldwide.  The old paradigm just doesn’t work anymore.


Push your emotions down, diet, restrict, deprive, ignore negativity or apply positive thinking only to be blindsided again and again with even more negative thinking, not rock the boat in meaningful relationships just to keep the status quo, put others before you because you feel that you owe it to them, habitual escapism into food, spending, social media, etc., instead of facing issues head on all the while struggling to maintain life balance. Trying to solve your lack of energy with the next magic supplement, sugar or caffeine. All of these non solutions cause illness, depression and disease. Ladies there is a better way.


Truly enjoying life giving foods, slowing down to access the wisdom within which saves precious time in the long run, meeting life head on and eliminating procrastination for good while having fun, embracing surfacing emotions with confidence and then releasing them with ease, dissecting stories going around in your head and realize that you are  perfect love & light just as you are. Looking in the mirror and loving yourself inside and out. Experiencing balance in your life.  Relating compassionately and deepening your most meaningful relationships. Accepting with clarity what you can change – letting go of what you cannot change.

The 7 Secrets to Struggle Free Living

1. Ignite your passion & dazzle the world while fulfilling your unique purpose.
2. Achieve calm, centered equilibrium in every area of life.
3. Discover & enjoy the foods that support your unique bio-individuality.
4. Balance energy, restore deficiencies & neutralize poisons at a cellular level.
5. Learn simple tools to nurture & fortify harmonious relationships.
6. Let go of cyclical negative thinking and emotional overwhelm for good.
7. Strengthen your intuition, connecting effortlessly with your inner guide.

What these women needed most was lazer listening, compassionate guidance to access inner wisdom, cutting edge education, frequency specific detoxification and empowering tools to realize the freedom of discovering the peace & perfection within.

My colleagues and clients describe me as a spiritual teacher because, not only have I applied the philosophy of A Course In Miracles to my life since 1989 and facilitated groups since 2002, I’ve had my share of spiritual awakenings through soul searing trauma & drama on my journey. I truly have been there. And I’m here today to offer you, not a way out, but a way through..

It’s not by looking outside yourself for the answers. It’s by diving in….

into the incessant mind chatter, the depths of emotion and uncovering & removing toxicity at a cellular level that you come back to the perfect peace that you are.. I am personally inviting you to take the next step by saying “YES” to your complimentary lazer clarity session.

You are proactive   |   You are holistic minded   |   You “get it done” if it needs doing   |   You have an inner drive to be the best you can be   |   You have exhibited your strength, purpose & wisdom…

…but maintaining your focus escapes you as life continues to inundate you with one thing after another.

I believe that all of your answers are found within. After years of searching that’s where I found mine. Yes, all of the answers to my misery were found in my heart, my higher self and even my cells. You are the key to discovering your greatest you. And I provide gentle life changing support to guide you through the unconscious blocks, cellular toxicity and fears that stand in your way.

I recently worked with a woman who was making it big in her profession and needed to maintain a level of femininity and softness at home…. as we dove deep, she found that truly accepting her vulnerable side was the key to accessing her real power. This revelation revitalized her marriage and deepened her ability to be a force for change in her field.

Another woman a slave to her job, home duties and even caring for children on her off hours. I had the pleasure to guide her through her pandora’s box of negative self talk and resulting resentment. She quickly discovered that putting her joy first led to more joy for all her loved ones. Her biggest breakthrough, she was the key holder to what imprisoned her.

And another woman and I focused on gently removing toxicity at a cellular level giving her back her health and her life. She learned healthier ways of fueling her body and with gratitude began loving the foods that energized her to her very soul. We specifically helped her to move through feelings of guilt toward her beloved husband who had spent years carrying the weight while she was feeling ill. Now her marriage is richer than ever.

….My promise to you

Guaranteed Crystal Clarity about what works best for you while creating a life you will love for years to come. Including a “really listening” style of expert support so you may reach your wellness goals without forcing, stressing or undue pressure.

Guaranteed to provide all the tools needed to bring balance into your life and create lasting changes by tapping into your inner wisdom so you can finally enjoy your life to the fullest.

Designed to uncover & move through unconscious emotional barriers so you can reach and maintain your wellness goals with ease.

Sustainable results Uncover underlying cellular/energetic physical toxicity and clear surfacing layers for good, naturally.

No more dieting with real results while enjoying a brand new relationship with food/eating that will bring you freedom you’ve only dreamed of.

Real Balance in every area of life from career to relationships to finances, mindset and spirituality.

“When you remove the blocks to the
truth of who you really are, it’s like clarity and direction literally open before you. You are the road-map to realizing your higher self. Life becomes calm, centered and happy effortlessly!”

How it works

You and I will meet every other week, either in person if you’re in the Aspen or Vail Valley, or on my private zoom or phone line. 

At the end of each session, you will have uncovered your next steps by accessing the wisdom within. I will gently guide you through this fun and rewarding process — coupled with audios, videos and customized reading to support your journey.

Email Access; You will have full email access to me if there are any questions throughout the program.

You will receive 3 full Bio Energetic Screenings. The marvels of bio energetic testing will uncover harmful agents that may be interfering with your health and happiness. This can be done effectively long distance. You will receive remedies to remove specific surfacing toxins for 6 – 8 weeks until your next screening.    cost of remedies not included

Bonus; 4 additional emotional release/nip cyclical negative thinking sessions upon request.

In our private sessions we shall:

  • Center with various grounding  meditations
  • Look at moving toward savoring delicious whole foods 90% of the time.
  • Help you connect with & create your own personal support system.
  • Begin to slow down your eating and your life, moving into liberating conscious eating practices.
  • Collect DNA samples to identify and remove cellular toxicity that may be interfering with your overall health & energy levels.
  • Support getting to know you and your best self care practices.
  • Guide you to enjoying bliss foods, guilt free, 10 % of the time.
  • Dig deep into emotional overwhelm/negative thinking and release/reframe them easily as they surface including the residue of past grief.
  • Discover what type of movement suits you best that you truly enjoy.
  • Gift you with book recommendations that will deepen your growth by leagues.
  • Uncover any dormant passions, goals and dreams.
  • Dig deep into why you want to be your best, fortifying your foundation.
  • Transform your most meaningful relationships starting with you.
  • Offer the option to receive astrological wisdom specific to you.
  • Work through any emotional eating barriers & create healthier practices.
  • Taking a busy inventory and creating life balance effortlessly.
  • Utilize proven techniques to come back to center instantly no matter what arises. thus empowering you.
  • Discover which supplements are really working & let go of what’s not.
  • Embrace the lost art of cooking with family, friends or just for you.
International Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Owner of bioSynergy, Emotional Release Expert, Bioenergetic Technician, Creator of the Higher Self Care Series and Spiritual Teacher, Donna Lee Humble, has supported 1000’s of pro active, holistic minded individuals refine their better health holistically. She is known across the globe for bringing you back to the wisdom within, empowering you to embrace your natural state of peace in body, mind and spirit since 2001.

The real Value of Empowered Diva Holistic Wellness Coaching Program is that you regain your vitality, creativity and purpose.

You feel alive, supported & free.

Get your questions answered now!

You know you’re ready to commit to your higher Self if – something deep inside you can no longer keep…

Going it alone
Being a slave to diets, restriction and food deprivation
Riding the endless emotional roller coaster
Being bowled over by negative thinking
Harboring resentment toward friends, coworkers or family members
Doing for everyone else leaving yourself last
Feeling sick & tired physically or emotionally all the time

I am here for you…

… You are here because you know there has got to be a better way. You’re ready and willing to do what it takes to be the best you can be for the rest of your life… Let’s do it! In my vision, you are already the energetic, life loving Diva you were meant to be.

Let’s begin now to remove the barriers together!

Important note: This program may not be for you if you have unaddressed alcohol/drug addiction or in the midst of an abusive relationship. There are many other programs that can give you the support that you need. Take the next step for your own recovery. If you are unsure if you fall into this category, I am happy to respond to you via e mail.