Ready for a struggle free life?

Regain your peace, potential and purpose.

I support superwomen who suffer from the emotional and physical exhaustion of being in charge of everything to finally put and end to over doing, over giving and over thinking and instead live life as the  vibrant empowered, creative, leaders/divas they were meant to live.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get on the fast track to struggle free living.

Do you feel like you’re doing everything right and yet it seems impossible to effect a lasting positive change in your life? You are in the right place if…

• You are beyond fatigued by the relentless onslaught of negative thinking.

• You’re fed up with quick fixes – spending money on 1 temporary solution after another.

• You are swimming in a sea of emotional overwhelm and are simply out of gas.

• You find yourself overeating/ indulging/spending simply to escape, berating yourself for days afterward.

• Your worth is measured by how much you have sacrificed yourself for others – straining your friendships & family harmony.

• You are at a loss for how to revive what seems like a lifeless marriage.

• You spend hours in the vitamin aisle or on line trying to find a cure for the sick & tired that plague you.

Emotional Release Expert

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  • Enjoy better relationships
  • Feel  healthier
  • Experience more abundance
  • Let go of unhealthy habits
  • Free yourself from pain
  • Reduce or eliminate your stress
  • Allow your body to naturally heal itself
  • Feel joyful, centered and free!

No matter what your personal goals may be, Empowering Emotional Release can be universally applied.

Bioenergetic Testing

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How it Works

  • Everything vibrates at its own particular frequency.
  • Vibrational energies or frequencies can be analyzed for their existence and potential impact.
  • We utilize an extensive software program to measure the frequencies or electromagnetic signatures for various harmful agents such as chemicals, radiation, bacteria, fungi, parasites as well as heavy metals to name a few.
  • To ensure your health and well being we also measure unprocessed emotional debris that may be held at a cellular level.
  • This information allows us to construct a custom designed regimen of gentle yet effective natural substances to address your specific needs.
  • Your regimen may consist of any combination of homeopathic remedies, herbs and nutritional supplementation.

All designed to Balance your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual well Being.

Electrodermal Screening aka Computerized Bioenergetic Testing

The concepts utilized have laid the ground work for much of what is now available in alternative health.

Well Understood, Accepted, and Widely-used

My name is Donna Lee Humble, owner of bioSynergy Better Health and creator of the “Higher Self Care Series”. I am a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in bioenergetic testing and emotional release. I received my education through The International Association of Wellness Professionals where I was trained in holistic health and nutrition, wellness and lifestyle coaching. I am further accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


I’d like to introduce you to those who transformed their lives while working with me... These accounts are taken from individuals just like you who share their transformation in their own words...

Amber Delgman, Human Resources, Chesterfield Missouri

Before working with Donna Lee and the Higher Self Care program, I struggled with bringing my body back to  balance after a diagnosis of acute leukemia a few years prior. I knew my body was toxic from all the pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals pumped into my body to...

Pat Degelo, Tailor from Aspen, Colorado

I needed help with my energy levels, and how to slow down eating my meals and add in more protein. Also, in my business, I had to deal with stressful people and needed tools for dealing with stress on a daily basis. . Donna Lee is a great listener and highly...

Brenna O., Claim Specialist, Glenwood, Colorado

  Donne Lee's coaching was useful and helpful to enable me to work through a lifetime of stuck emotions including grief related to a recent loss in my life.  My level of anxiety and fear have decreased. I am starting to take better care of myself. My level...

Kati Dirker, Yoga Teacher, Eagle, Colorado

    How did you experience Donna Lee’s core coaching support?   Donna Lee is AWESOME! She is very knowledgeable in her field and is very kind and patient and helpful in walking me through the process in layman’s terms.   What has changed for you now...

Pat Wanner, Health Coach, Carbondale, Colorado

  Before enrolling in the Higher Self Care Program I was struggling with my weight, my career-that I wanted to change, getting organized and focused.  My relationships were not healthy and I was having feelings of depression because I could not get things...

Elisa McClaskey, Awesome Office Assistant, of Grand Junction, Colorado

"I was struggling with a lack of confidence in doing almost anything. This lack of confidence had been keeping me stuck for years. My biggest challenge was trying to raise my son feeling the way that I was. My life has improved...

Danielle Howard, Author- Your Financial Revolution, Basalt, Colorado

As a professional woman, I am challenged with acknowledging that all of my emotions are vital in my life. I spent a lot of time “shoulding” on myself. I “should” or “want to” feel, do, have, look like, etc. I also had a lot of “shouldn’t” feel, do, think, have. This...

With All My Heart Tamara Allen Silt, Colorado

I went to Donna Lee to help with clearing thinking that impacted my life in a negative way including the inability to process emotion. She helped me set goals to restructure my entire life. She worked with me on what was important to me. Now looking back, through her...

Ellen Wheeler Wandering Woman Silt, Colorado

"Honestly, I was surprised that this lifestyle coaching could work. I was struggling with procrastination. I use to journal how I’d love to wander the country and for years it remained just a dream. It’s pretty scary to recognize where you’re stuck and through the...

Ryan Dax Triple Crown Backpacker Extreme Outdoor Athlete Avon, Colorado

“When I first came to Donna, I was a wreck.  I had spent thousands of dollars, many months time, and a world of emotions trying to figure out what was wrong.  The doctors had me trying every kind of drug and procedure imaginable.  To my dismay, I was...

Brian L. Humble Certified Arborist San Diego, California

“bioSynergy is a one of a kind service. It is truly a special experience with Donna Lee. She is highly educated in many aspects in her field and makes you feel very comfortable. If you believe in natural or homeopathic ways to great health versus the big...

Janae A. Reyher, High School Art Teacher, Sacramento, California

“Donna Lee is an amazing wellness coach. I worked with her for several months and I feel that I was really able to utilize her in such a positive way. We had over the phone sessions and they were so amazing. The energy that she brings is so helpful and calming. She...

Abbie Turner LMT, Floral Designer, Photographer Vail, Colorado

“When I fist came to see Donna, I was at an all time low in my life. I had been battling with symptoms and frustrations of Lyme disease for the past five years, and had tried every sort of treatment you could imagine. I reached out to Donna Lee specifically because...

Christa Wagner Returning Balance Therapies Glenwood Springs, Colorado

“Donna lee is an amazing inspiring woman and healer. I have been working with her for over a decade and it has made a huge impact on my life. Even when I think “could she really offer me anymore. “Donna lee definitely has expanded her education and tool box and...

Aicha Wassef Master Diploma of Natural Health Sciences Cairo, Egypt

“I have had the pleasure to receive Donnas’ insight as my Lifestyle & Wellness Coach. I was blessed to share with her the challenges that truly mattered to me. During the coaching sessions, Donna listened with love and assisted me with life changing wisdom. She...

Karina Hammer Admissions Advisor Nashville, Tennessee

"Donna Lee is an incredible coach and emotional healer. She is caring, intuitive, intelligent and is a wonderful guide. She has taught me to “feel it to heal it”, helped me clear unwanted patterns and to discover my authentic self. I am so grateful for the work that...

Aimee Shrank of Redesigning Motherhood, Bozeman, Montana

“My biggest challenge was my relationship with my husband, and in hindsight my relationship with myself…The biggest change for me has come in understanding that I have value innately, just by being me.  I have spent most of my life trying to earn my value by being...

Suzanne Monroe CEO of The International Association. of Wellness Professionals

“Her years of experience combined with her intuitive sense make Donna Lee an exceptional holistic practitioner and coach. Her 6 month coaching program will transform your life!”